One to one consultations

I provide personalised one to one nutritional and lifestyle advice and support suited for my client’s needs, preferences, lifestyles and budgets.
Prior to your consultation I will ask you to complete a detailed health questionnaire and food diary which will allow me to get a good understanding of your current state of health and health history.
During our initial session we will discuss your main health concerns and goals and have an in-depth review and analysis of your nutritional and lifestyle habits. In some cases, I may suggest further testing to have a better understanding of your current issues.
At follow up we will assess your progress and discuss any issues you may have encountered. If you have done any testing, I will support you to understand the test results and how they relate to your health issues. I am also available for enquiries in-between sessions.

Due to Covid19 pandemic, consultations, at the moment, are only available virtually via Zoom with the exception of a No obligation mini assessment (telephone only).

No obligation mini assessment

To learn little more about you and your needs, I offer a free, pre-arranged, 30 min phone chat where we discuss your current concerns/imbalances and goals, consider if the nutritional therapy is the most suitable route for you to take and if I am the right therapist to support you on your health journey.


Individual Consultations

Initial Consultation £220 90 min
  • A personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan
  • Recommended supplements, if relevant
  • Recommended NHS and private functional test, if relevant
Follow up Consultation £150 60 min
  • A revised diet and lifestyle plan
  • Review of supplements, if relevant
  • Review of any test results, if relevant

My Health Packages

These are usually recommended for people who are experiencing either complex health issue/s or multiple health concerns or have experienced a problem for a long time.

£495 3 consultation sessions
  • 1 initial 90 min
  • 2 x 60 min follow up
£795 5 consultation sessions
  • 1 initial 90 min
  • 4 x 60 min follow up
£1100 8 consultation sessions
  • 1 initial 90 min
  • 7 x 60 min follow up