How to grow broccoli shoots, a rich source of sulforaphane

I grow my own broccoli shoots and I keep using them as they are a nutritional powerhouse!

They are full of vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein, protein and iron.

The shoots have been the subject of a great deal of scientific research which discovered they are also a rich source of plant chemical called sulforaphane which protects our cells from damage and supports our liver detoxification processes to get rid of various toxins generated by our own body, such as hormones ie. oestrogen, food, medications and environment!

Number of research papers have found that sulforaphane acts against H. Pylori, stomach bacteria implicated in various gastrointestinal diseases.


They are very easy to grow and will be ready to harvest after 5-6 days and remain healthy for at least 10 days after, if you regularly change the water (at least once a day) and spray them with water mist! I have 3 trays and just as I start harvesting one tray, I’ll start sprouting a new one.

All you’ll need is a sprouting tray ( I got mine in Ikea) that has hydroponic layer, meshy tray that will hold seeds above the water and eventually a plant. This means you will be growing broccoli using only water, no soil required! I get organic broccoli seeds online.

I eat them raw sprinkled on almost everything, my salads, soups, curries, kids lunches, in adult and kids smoothies. They have a mild flavour similar to radishes and are very soft.